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Take 5 minutes to read a book today

Have you always wanted to read The Red Badge of Courage in five-minute increments?

How about all of Emily Dickinon's poems? Or Crime and Punishment?

Maybe? Have I got a free Web site for you. DailyLit.com.

They say, "If you are like us, you spend hours each day reading email but don’t find the time to read books. DailyLit brings books right into your inbox in convenient small messages that take less than 5 minutes to read. This works incredibly well not just on your computer but also on a Treo, Blackberry, Sidekick or whatever the PDA of your choice. In the words of Dr. Seuss: Try it, you might like it!"

How does it work?
- You choose a book.
- You provide an e-mail address.
- You pick a delivery schedule.
- DailyLit e-mails a small chunk of the text you've selected per your schedule.

DailyLit currently offers 165 public-domain classics, drawn from the archives at Project Gutenberg. They've got everything from Moby Dick to Dickens, Dostoevski to Defoe.

I'm going to sign up for Flatland. I've heard my mom talk about this book for decades. A friend even gave me a copy. I still haven't cracked it open.

Now I won't have to.

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