aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Gak! My plans did not call for this

Okay, so I quit my job this year. It's a gamble, but doable. Barely.

My plans did not call for this (photo "borrowed" from KGW.com):

This burning hay truck shut down I-5 northbound entirely for hours last night. My husband was somewhere behind it. It took him three hours to go nine miles. His engine started to overheat. He turned on the heat to try to pull some of it out of the engine compartment. Little heat came out. (Note to self: I guess that is the bad sign.)

He limped home. But when I talked to our mechanic today, he said he is certain a head gasket is blown. And quite likely, the entire engine is shot.

Our barely there budget does not extend to buying even a used car. But it might have to.

We'll find out the verdict tomorrow. Thoughts and prayers welcome that this will turn out better than it sounds.

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