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Writing what she loved - and what followed

A few years ago, Charlaine Harris was in the midst of what she called “the midlist doldrums.” She was writing series mysteries, but decided write something quite different so she wouldn't have to follow the same rules. She told me, “I threw in everything I'd ever wanted to write: vampires, werewolves, fight scenes, very quick action, and some explicit sex.”

Because it didn't fit an established mold (this was well before everyone had a vampire book), the book was a hard sell. But it has paid off. Boy, has it! The Sookie Stackhouse series is a huge success.

Now the books are going to be a series on HBO, by Alan Ball, the guy who gave us Six Feet Under. I remember hearing about this from Charlaine back in 2005.

Ad Age has an article about the unique way they are promoting the series. “Among other things, a message written in ancient language symbols was mailed to prominent bloggers and science fiction geeks known to be interested in vampires. When a few with language degrees cracked the code, they found an address for a vampire website.” Read more here.

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