aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

To blurb or not to blurb

You can never read too many stories about blurbs. Especially when this one is in the New York Times, which means a lot of authors were willing to talk about their experiences.

In part, the article says, "In an e-mail message, the novelist Roxana Robinson recalled collecting some “wildly infuriating refusals.” One author declined her request by saying, “I’m such a slow reader, I won’t be able to give your book the careful attention it deserves” — despite the fact that the manuscript was “sent out several decades before the blurb deadline,” she said. But her “top all-time most frustrating response was ‘I’m really sorry, but I think it would be inappropriate for me to blurb your book, because you’re so distinguished.’ ”"

I was once turned down by Susan Issacs when I asked for a blurb. She said she didn't like to read others' work when she was writing, for fear it might influence her own voice. What a well-thought out rejection!

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