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When I was in gradeschool I read Heinlein and Silverberg, two great sci-fi authors. They wrote books for kids and books for adults. Heinlein’s books for kids always featured boys in space with slide rules (Full disclosure: I don’t think I’ve ever personally seen a slide rule.) I remember when I was about 11 I had run through all the books they had written as well as pretty much every other book in the children's section of our Carnegie Library, so I went upstairs to the slightly mysterious world of adult books. But they had a sci-fi section, and there were books by Heinlein and Silverberg. So I checked them out.

What an eye opener! I had no idea that two men could have sex, much less how they would do it. And Heinlein wrote approvingly about all kinds of sex (even incest, which looking back on it now makes him seem kind of creepy. I mean, what was he doing at home?)

Teen (who has recently been promoted from Kid) also reads above grade level, but she seems to skip over the part or lose interest in books that feature sex.

What should a librarian do when faced with a kid who reads above grade level? Read one librarian’s solution here.

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