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Reader, I knew him when

Writer Tod Goldberg once drove me around Las Vegas and talked about the crazy price of real estate. We also had an animated discussion with author Thomas Perry about Portland’s (hopefully) unique “lingerie modeling” establishments. [Full disclosure: any business where they give the client a towel and a bottle of lubricant – well, that’s a bad sign.]

Now Tod has a humorous piece in the LA Times about the new stage of his writing career: writing tie-ins for the TV show Burn Notice.

It begins: “YOU COULD spend your entire life sitting in Starbucks next to people hunched over laptops, and you'd never hear a single one of them divulge that their dream is to write a television or movie tie-in; you know, those novelizations that magically appear in the airport bookstore rack with the screen stars on their covers.

“Me? I've published two novels and a collection of stories that have afforded the kind of notoriety one rarely reads about: I've lost all the awards I've ever been nominated for, my most ardent fans number in the tens of hundreds, and I'd need the Jaws of Life to pull me onto the bestseller list. In short, a career in the literary fiction trenches, where acclaim is something you hang your hat on, since you haven't made enough money to buy a hat rack.”

Read more here.

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