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Beginning a new book

There is nothing better than beginning to write a book. My mind is awhirl with all the possibilities. I'll be doing some mundane task or on a long run when all of a sudden I'll think, "Of course he lies to her about what he looks like."

Here's the setup. It's based on something that really happened near hear around Christmas time:

A blind girl stays in the car while her mom runs errands. The mom leaves the keys in the car in case the girl wants to listen to the radio. The girl is in the backseat. When a guy sees the keys in the ignition, he jumps in and steals the car.

In real life, he let her out a block later.

In my version, I think it's a teen thief whose dad runs a chop shop. And he doesn't let her out.

I've already done some Internet research. And I've emailed back and forth a little bit with a blind guy who interviewed me for a podcast book review site.

I've got five or six books waiting at the library for me.

This is going to be fun!

Note: If you know someone who is blind, especially a teen who is blind, please have them get a hold of me. My character will have gone blind later in life. I don't think I could successfully portray someone who has never seen.

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