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I may never know why

I told you that this was emailed to my website:
My sister is one of your biggest fans and she has terminal
breast cancer and her birthday is coming up and I was wondering if I could get her an autographed copies of one of your books. She would enjoy it so much.Thank you so much.
Here's what I think/have discovered:
- I think she really does have a sister who has breast cancer. I found a couple of prayer requests posted for the woman by the person who sent it to me.
- She likes to overwhelm someone with lots of things. I found many places where she had asked people to send her cousin, who supposedly had bone cancer, cards.
- Many mystery writers received the identical note. Quite a few of those sent her books.
- One person who got the note has a book that will not be out until October.
- A person the name of the sister does live at the address she gave me.
- Some people think she was trying to sell the book on ebay. Since she gave her sister's name and said it was for her birthday, I have a feeling they would most often show up with "Happy Birthday, Cindy!" thus rendering them pretty much unsaleable, at least as singed copies.
- I emailed her and asked her why she was making the same request of so many authors. She has not replied.
- My best guess: She was hoping to have a ton of authors send her sister stuff, and thought it would be more likely for them to comply if she said her sister was her biggest fan.

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