aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The friends that you love to hate

This weekend we spent some time with friends. The whole family has the most healthy approach to eating I have ever seen. If they are not hungry or not hungry any more, then they stop eating. They eat tiny portions. In their cupboards there are bags of chips that they started and never finished before they went stale. They don't eat if they are stressed. They don't eat if they are bored. If there is a quarter cup of rice left in a serving dish, they don't eat it - they put it in Tupperware.

I hate them.

I was cleaning out a cupboard today and found these mass produced heavily iced Simpsons heads I put in Teen's
stocking last Christmas. They were approximately 10 months old. Each head had 220 calories (the label said that, but the heads were different sizes). I ate Lisa's head (which must have had fewer calories than Marge's or Homer's head, right?). It was stale and lacked flavor. I still ate it.

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Tags: evil, gluttony, tasteless
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