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Useless knowledge

I took two terms of “Signed Exact English” in college. Except I think it has fallen out of favor. It's like I learned to speak English with a weird accent. I should have just taken American Sign Language. A lot of the words I know are not quite right, because they are signed with your fingers in the position of the initial letter. Like when you make the sign for "free" you put your fingers in the position of the letter "f." The thing is, I often don’t know the “right” way. I also don't know the correct order of words for ASL, which is different than English.

For “fun” Teen has taught self Braille (sighted Braille, not touch – and did you know that only about 8% of blind people are fluent in Braille) and Morse code. I’m sure that will all come in handy some day. Too bad we’re not on that island in Lost.

How about you? Do you have any useless knowledge?

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Tags: asl, braille, morse code
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