aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

When should you write about something that's already popular?

- Don’t ever try to time the market.
- By the time you figure out what’s trendy, it’s probably over.
- Don’t write about something so topical that it will be out of date in one or two years. It take a book about a year to be published, and if you add in the time to get an agent, maybe two years. The YA books I have sold have taken at least 18 months to come to market - sometimes more.
- Don't do something that has been done a lot before. For example, there are probably already enough quilting mysteries, cat mysteries, mysteries set at bed and breakfasts and mysteries with recipes. What will make your book stand out?
- Then again, if you absolutely love vampires, write about them. But again, what will make your book stand out? You have to prove to everyone - your agent, your editor, and potential readers - that you offer something so different that they have to get it.

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Tags: sometimes the train has left the station
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