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Faulkner's birthday today

Today is the birthday of William Faulkner, born in 1897. How odd that he was born nine years after my grandfather.

Everyone on my dad's side had kids late. I was 36 when my kid was born, my father was 36 when I was born, my grandfather was 42 when my father was born (and we are talking all first children here). My grandfather was a "change of life" baby (which means, no, you haven't gone through menopause - you're pregnant), so his parents were probably in their forties when he was born, although he wasn't their youngest. He grew up in a sod house and took part in the Oklahomah Land Rush, aka Land Grab. Two of my great grandfathers fought as teenagers in the Civil War.

I tried to read The Sound and the Fury on my own in college. It made absolutely no sense, probably because there were three characters named Quentin, and one was a girl. I didn't get that there was more one Quentin until I read it with a study guide, at which point it made some sense. One of my few forays into literature written before 1980. After that, I usually have at least a passing familiarity.

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