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Why I'm bagging Fringe

Teen and I eagerly settled in last night to watch Fringe. We came late to the Lost party (we watched the first two seasons on DVD), but we are now big fans of that show and it shares some of the same creators.

So what wasn't to like?

I can suspend disbelief with the best of them, but:
- a plane that lands itself simply becuase you press a red button labelled "auto pilot"? They tried to get around this by saying Logan airport was one of the first to use the new system, but...
- a guy locked up in a mental asylum for 17 years because there was an accident at a lab that killed someone? Hard to believe he would be sent to a mental asylum. Hard to believe he'd be there that long. Hard to believe that no one else seemed to be housed there. Hard to believe that if he was so scary and dangerous, the one guard in the background didn't seem to care when he went for his son's face and started trying to pry open his eye.
- the only way to get the guy out of the asylum is to get his estranged son to do it, even flying to Iraq to see said son, even doing some indepth sleuthing on son's secrets and lies and threatening to reveal all unless he lets them see his dad. Um, wouldn't have been easier just to convince a judge that it was a matter of national security and bypass the son (who has "potential love interest with secrets" written all over him)?
- and the mad scientist was investigating a laundry list of "fringe" science. Hard to believe that he investigated like 20 different things.
- the mad scientist's lab still existed in some basement in Harvard, albeit a little dusty, after 17 years. Right. Like no one wouldn't have lusted after the space or the equipment.

That's the point where the TV went off. I guess my take is that Lost is about people first and then plot, and Fringe was about a gee-whiz plot and then people. It just seemed forced and over the top.

Which is too bad.

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