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Man pays fine for book overdue 60 years

A children's book checked out of the Portland Public Library 60 years ago was returned this month - along with overdue charges of more than $440.

William Vassily of Liverpool, N.Y., borrowed the book, "The Baby Whale, Sharp Ears," in the summer of 1946 when he was 9 years old and living in Portland, Maine.

The book was accidentally packed when his family moved to New York that year. Vassily found it in 1994 in several boxes of possessions he inherited after his parents died.

Vassily, 69, returned the book while visiting Portland for a Masons conference. The small, red-covered book still contains the stamped date on which it was due: June 7, 1946.

Read more here.

I pay library fines fairly frequently (I forget about due dates or am too engrossed to return something), and I always thought it might be an easy way to raise money - asking folks if they want to contribute more.

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