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The monster that lives inside my head

All Thursday I fought off a migraine. I finally broke down and took a Maxalt. But the beast came creeping back Thursday night. At 1:30 a.m., the pain was overwhelming, and I found myself watching TV, flipping through the channels. Highlights included a Discovery Channel program that I think was called Animal Bites. In the segment I watched, they had a single photo of this guy lying in his hospital bed with a big gory open wound on his thigh. They found a million ways to use the photo from full length to ever-increasing closeups. Some "slinky" outfits were on sale for half off on one shopping channel. On a Spanish-language infomercial, some barely dressed ladies were extolling the benefits of some facial cream. Since they looked about 25, it was hard to imagine they were battling wrinkles. Scrubs was on (Scrubs is always on, I think).

I just flipped through channels and felt the hole in my head throbbing.

I've used Maxalt and Imitrex for migraines. Both work, and are in the same class of drugs. So my mom saw an advertisement for "stopthepain.com." It's for a new drug that combines Imitrex with naproxen. See, Imitrex is going off patent sometime in the next few months. And what do you do when a drug goes off patent? You twist it a little so you can keep getting people to take a prescription version that costs three or four times what a generic does. So they are marketing a new drug called Treximet. Maybe that's all fine if you have a plan that has generous prescription drug coverage. For the rest of us, the idea of continuing to pay as much as $25 for a single pill is a little hard to swallow.

What I think is funny about Treximet is that they tested it against Imitrex and against taking naproxen alone. They did not test it against taking one pill of Imitrex and one pill of naproxen. I would bet the reason is that both work the same - only one costs $16 less. From now on, every time I take a Maxalt, I'm taking a pill or two of naproxen.

Read more here.

Oh, and on Friday I drank two strong cups of coffee, took two Excedrin migraine and went for a five mile run. By the end, I was a human being again.

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