aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The girl with the bunny

This weekend I found myself thinking about the girl with the bunny. I met her shortly after I had my baby (now Teen). She was standing by the side of our road holding a large stuffed bunny. The bunny had once been white but was now very dirty. And she was holding out her thumb and hitchhiking.

Oh, and she was about 11.

I pulled over and we talked. It was clear there was something off about her – developmentally disabled? Mentally ill? She was fascinated by my baby. She came over several times to visit. I didn’t say no, but she creeped me out. She was not like any child I had ever met, but at that time I had limited experience with children and had not been one myself for more than 20 years. I saw her at times walking around the neighborhood, sometimes at dusk, always with the bunny. Once I walked her home after dark. She lived a few blocks away but would not let me come anywhere near her house, saying she would get in trouble.

Now I think back and wonder what happened to that girl. How long was it before some creepy guy found her? Why did her family care so little for her that they just let her roam the streets, holding her stuffed bunny? Why didn’t I report her to Children’s Services?

I hope things turned out better for her than I imagine.

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Tags: predators, stuffed animals
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