aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

My first time – Part II

My very first signing was in early 1999 at Powells Books. Yes, that Powells Books. Where every famous authors who comes to Portland stops. And there I was, waiting in the wings, wearing a long brown velvet dress with my hair pinned up. I was sure I was going to die or at least pass out. Well over a hundred people turned up (many of them people from work who erroneously thought I would soon be a millionaire and quit). The whole time I was speaking, a little voice in the corner of my mind was yammering away that I felt sick, I felt dizzy, I should lay my head on the podium, I would soon pass out and my husband would drag my body away.

But I made it.

And now I kind of like speaking in public. And would kill for having a turnout like that when I’m the only one speaking.

Authors - what was your first time speaking in public like?

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