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I love writing books – and books about writing

Here’s one I actually bought: Naming the World.

It’s a collection of writing exercises and ideas from dozens of writers.

Here’s the start of John Dufresne’s sections [Full disclosure: I would love to take a writing class from him]:
"Here are some germs, seeds, viruses for your writing. They come in different forms. You'll think of more. Get used to starting with somthing small and exact, not with anything as large and as vague as an idea.

"Start with a line. I'll give you one. You can find them everywhere in what you read, in what you hear. Find them in poems, newspaper stories, on billboards, in the conversation of the people behind you at the supermarket checkout. Take the line as the opening of your novel. Write it out and keep going. Let it take you where it will. Write for ten miuntes or until you want to stop. The line will likely be gone when you revise the piece, if you do. Maybe it will become the epigraph for your novel.

"Here's one line: "Most things will never happen; this one will." Taken (with grammatical liberties) from Philip Larken.

"Here's another: "Last night the moon seemed to say something." (From Frank O'Hara.) One thing I hope these lines do is pull you out of your world and plop you into an imagined one."

What's YOUR favorite prompt?

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