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Um, I think it already exists and it’s called “Amazon”

Next week, HarperCollins is launching something called BookArmy.com, which "will list every book with an ISBN [like Amazon] and aims to drive sales and build a community of readers. It will be promoted across News Corp properties including BSkyB and MySpace, as well as stickers on every HarperCollins book jacket.

"The recommendation engine is based on a set of algorithms that will constantly feed users suggestions based on what books they like, what their friends like and what those with similar tastes enjoy [hm, sounds mostly like … Amazon! minus the friends part.]. Authors will be encouraged to create and manage their own pages [Amazon has Amazon Connect], while readers will be able to compile virtual bookshelves [not like Amazon but like a million other things out there] and write reviews to share with others [who does that remind you of?]. Those browsing books will be able to access a synopsis [like Amazon], similar titles [ditto] and information on events [something different]. They will also be able to enter a chat forum around the book [I think Amazon has something similar] and click through to Amazon [hey, there’s that word again!] to buy."

I wonder if there is enough new there to drive people to the site? What do you think?

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