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I've been hearing a lot about this site lately, JacketFlap. It has information on children's publishers, like the top 50 books sold from each house, but also thumbnails of book-covers, along with charts and data on each publisher's trends. The publisher information section shows an incredible amount of data on every English language publisher you've ever heard of and loads you probably haven't. North American, UK and Australian presses are all thoroughly represented, and probably a lot of other countries. Bar charts show how many books they put out each year and how many new authors they sign on each year, addresses, some editor's names, websites, etc. There are links to writer's blogs.

They say, "As a registered member, you have full access to complete publisher details and contact information. In addition to changes made by the JacketFlap staff, publisher contact information is kept current by the book publishers themselves and submissions from JacketFlap's users, which are verified by the JacketFlap staff. We encourage you to submit updates to a publisher's contact details and submission guidelines when you see information that is out-of-date. You can earn membership points on JacketFlap when your update is subsequently approved by the JacketFlap staff. You can also earn points by adding a new publisher or a new contact. Finally, refer someone else to JacketFlap, and when they confirm their registration, you will earn points. Your membership points can be redeemed on JacketFlap for Amazon.com gift certificates."

Free, good info - does make me wonder how they make their money. It's like Angie's list, an incredibly useful service to find good people to work on your house. I still don't understand how they make their money.

So I signed up on JacketFlap. It was easy and free. That was the good part. The only bad part is that there seems to be so much information that it is overwhelming. It's like trying to drink from a fire hose. Or if you came here from two decades earlier and someone sat you down at a computer and said, "Here's the Internet. It has everything you want to know."

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