aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. If I am trying to get in shape, running five times a week, lifting weights, and taking Pilates, kettlebell and Thai boxing classes, why am I still flabby - just in extreme pain?
2. Why did the lady driving the SUV not even try to avoid hitting the squirrel (which miraculously survived) and then offer me a broad grin when she drove by me?

3. How can Gotprint.net offer such cheap, cheap prices? LIke 1,000 full color brochures for $155?
4. Why did I succumb to the lure of cheap artichokes at Costo and buy not one, but two, four-packs of giant artichokes that now have taken up every spare inch in the fridge?

5. Is my husband right when he calls our fridge "the Rubik's cube" because you cannot get to anything without shifting five other things?

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