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Blogging Bigger – MotherReader’s ideas

If you weren’t able to attend the Kidlitosphere Blogging Conference, well, I was there and I’ll be posting some of the tidbits I picked up from it.

Some of those came from www.motherreader.com, who is also know as Pam Coughlan.

Her suggestions include:
- quality content (I try, except for collectible monkey dolls),
- personal voice (check, I think, although that sometimes gets me into trouble),
- a particular niche (I like publishing gossip),
- spelling and grammar (decent but not perfect),
- daily updates (check),
- good looks (I don’t really know, it’s just a template),
- and links and blogrolls (I need to do this).

Read more here. She also feels bloggers should comment on each others blogs with their blog address. I do that with my friends on LJ – I should probably branch out to blogspot and other blogs as well.

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