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What could and should be banned?

It’s kind of timely that every delivered issue of the Sunday Oregonian contained a DVD called “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West.” It’s being denounced as propaganda, people demonstrated in front of the Oregonian, and some newspapers have refused to carry it. [Full disclosure: It says “…required viewing for everyone-Howard Gordon, Executive Producer." He is also one of the writers. I’m going to start putting “Required reading for everyone-April Henry" on my books.] The newspaper's defense is that not accepting this anti-Muslin screed would violate free speech.

The LA Times Books editor looks at book banning here, saying it’s a little too simplistic to talk about people banning Huck Finn but not talking about Mein Kampf.

And you can read Chris Crutcher’s responses to the many challenges his books have received here.

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