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Making a killing: StreetWars

The New York Times reports on something called StreetWars. People compete to “kill” each other with squirt guns. During the time the game is played, the players are like Jason Bourne, always on the lookout. One player was contemplating using a wheelchair as part of a disguise – he had already shaved off his beard he wore when he signed up for the contest and had his photo taken.

“Each of the 250-plus contestants was handed a black envelope marked “Shadow Government,” with the name, home address, workplace, e-mail address, cellphone number and photograph of a player to kill by squirting. After each kill, the shooter acquires the dead rival’s target and begins stalking this new person, all the while looking over a shoulder for whoever is hunting him. It is permissible to shoot in self-defense.”

I still remembering going running on Veteran’s day about a decade ago and coming upon some men playing paint ball by a water tower. They were dressed head to toe in black protective gear. They looked like assassins or government agents. It was kind of creepy, esp. given the specific holiday.

But would I do this if I lived in New York? Hm, maybe.

Read more about StreetWars here.

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