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Before bed reading recommendations

Do you like to read right before you go to sleep? Well, here’s one book I would recommend NOT starting unless you have two hours free, because you won't be able to put it down. I started Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott and could not stop – I read it in one sitting [Full disclosure: well, one lying down]. It’s about a girl who now goes by the name Alice. She was kidnapped by Ray when she was in fifth grade, and he has completely broken her, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually. Now 15, she’s too old for Ray, and he wants her to help him find a new little girl to molest. This is a YA, but Simon Pulse is only recommending it for 16 and up [which in my mind includes adults]. No matter how well your younger teen reads, I would not recommend you hand them this harrowing book. But for the rest of us - highly recommended

Now, if you want to go right to sleep, start reading The 19th Wife. It’s a story told in alternating sections. One focuses on a slightly fictionalized real person, the 19th wife of Brigham Young, who sued Young for alimony and helped make polygamy illegal. The other is set in the present day, first person, about a young man trying to prove that his mother, also a 19th wife of a modern day polygamist, is not guilty of his father’s murder. There’s not a lot of sleuthing involved with the murder, and the period parts, written in the style of the day, bored me.

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