aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Expected Diappointments

I got a letter from Oregon Literary Arts yesterday. It begins, "Dear April, On behalf of LIterary Arts, I am writing to tell you that your book [and I'm thinking yes, yes, yes], Shock Point, [yes, yes, cut to the chase!] was not among the finalists for the 2006 Oregon Book Awards.

Full disclosure #1: If you were holding the letter as I was, your thumb would cover the word "not," leading to a brief self-deluding moment.

Full disclosure #2: A thriller will never, ever win an Oregon book award.

Full disclosure #3: A thriller can be on the short list, as Learning to Fly was.

Full disclosure #4: In 2003, I sat next to the YA winner, Heather Fredericks. She made a little yelp when they called her name. ( Odd trivia fact: the woman who won for the best novel that year had been taught English by Heather's father - and they were both originally from Massachusetts. What are the chances of that?) (Full disclosure 4a: I can no longer spell Massachusetts without a spell-checker.)

Full disclosure #5: After I moved my thumb, disclosing the word "not" at the end of the line, this was still a disappointment, despite already knowing Full disclosure #2.

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