aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

The three kind of people you meet on the sidewalk

I've ventured back out into public. There are three types of people you meet on the sidewalk when you look like someone has beaten you up:
- People who pointedly turn their head 30 degrees away from you so there is no question that they do NOT want to see. Or perhaps they figure they're giving you your privacy. This category has included two Mormon missionaries - so bonus!
- People who meet your eyes, and who, even though you make it a point to smile and say "Hello," say nothing, just regard you sadly. Sometimes if it's a woman, their lower lips even quiver, as if you also make them a little bit afraid.
- People who call out "Hello!" in a jolly voice that says: Not only am I willing to look at you, but I am also happy to help you get to a domestic violence shelter - just say the word.

This morning, I met with my FBI agent guy, who is now a PI (but still carries a gun). He didn't really fall into any of the three categories, but then we met for coffee, not on the sidewalk.

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