aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Five things on a Friday

1. I am your basic issue white person. Over the last week I have used many different kinds of Band-aids, all of which are supposed to be "skin color". Whose skin? Barbie's?

2. I am in the habit now of walking around with a smile so that people don't worry that I am being abused. I once interviewed a Ukranian woman who was being trained about how to fit in at the workplace. She could not understand the American custom of smiling at strangers. In Ukraine, someone who smiled at strangers would be considered mentally ill.

3. Scrivener, which you can get at literatureandlatte.com, is fab! I only wish my laptop was a little newer so I could use it away from home, too.

4. My criteria for shoes used to be:
a. cute
b. were comfortable for the walk from the parking lot into my office building
c. heels no higher than about 2.5 inches (otherwise I look like an unconvicing transvestite)
d. cute

Now that I don't work for a company and walk a lot more places, my new criteria for shoes are:
a. comfortable for walks of 2 miles or more
b. not as ugly as my running shoes.

Got any suggestions?

5. Is there any better smell than garlic?

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