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The kiss of death for any celebrity marriage

Hey celebrities? Want your marriage to end? Just give a gushing interview to a magazine about how great things are.

I get tons of magazines. My excuse is that I buy them for Teen's school's fundraiser. Good Housekeeping (which still seems meant for an older demographic) came free with Redbook. I tend to read GH late, because it makes me feel like an old lady. So last week, I read the August issue. Which featured an interview with David Duchovny. For some reason (Gosh, could it be a tad embarrassing now), Good Housekeeping has pulled it down from its Web site, but I found it online, courtesy of my local library.
"But in real life, Duchovny, 43, says his life is delightfully ordinary and virtually weirdness -free. The actor and his wife, actress Tea Leoni (Spanglish, The Naked Truth), live in Los Angeles with their two children...

Q: Congratulations--you and Tea just celebrated your 11th anniversary. How did you celebrate?

Well, 11 years is good, but it's not as monumental as 10 years, so we didn't make a big deal out of it. Both of us are working on separate projects right now, hut we did make sure we took time out to acknowledge each other, and the day. As it turns out, the 11th is the "steel" anniversary, which didn't exactly make the shopping any easier. I wound up getting her a Brillo pad.

Q: You're lucky to have a wife who shares your sense of humor. What do you think has been the secret to keeping your relationship strong this long?

You know, people say a marriage is hard work, but I'm not so sure it is. A lot of it, really, is luck. I've read statistics that say that people in arranged marriages are no more likely to divorce than people who choose for themselves. You're blinded by love in the beginning, but when that falls away, you find out whether you've fallen for someone with whom you're truly compatible. Whether or not you can stay in love for the long run--that's just luck. And I've gotten very, very lucky.
Hm, this probably hit the stands just as Duchovny was checking himself in for "sex addiction." And today's paper reveals that they have been separated for several months, because Leoni was having a relationship with Billy Bob Thorton - something Duchovny found out when he found explicit cell phone messages on his wife's phone.

Yeah, that sounds just like a day in my life, "delightfully ordinary and virtually weirdness -free".

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