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I’m in utopia when I read about dystopias

A few weeks ago, I read an article in Oprah (yeah, I know I’m a cliché) and it talked about how we often neglect things that are important but not urgent. I realized two of those things for me were travel and reading for pleasure. Since I don’t have a lot of spare cash to do the former, I decided to concentrate on the latter. And as a result, I have been reading great books like The Other Side of the Island.

Allegra Goodman is a name I know from adult books. Now she’s turned her hand to YA, with a cautionary tale about a dystopian future where a girl named Honor lives on Island 365 and where everyone must conform – or risk disappearing. Honor tries very hard to fit in, and hates that her parents do not.

I love dystopian future books. This one was well-written and I finished it in a single evening and then handed it to Teen with instructions that she must read it immediately. (Thanks Oprah magazine for allowing me not to feel guilty about it.) It some ways, it reminded of This Perfect Day, an adult book written by Ira Levin. That is sadly out of print, but you could probably check it out at your local library.

And next up, the library has gifted me with The Hunger Games. I’m glad I heard the buzz about this book early – the wait at my library is now probably months-long.

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