aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Monday morning musings - you can't wait for perfection

Teen taught herself to drop in a couple of weeks ago. [Full disclosure: this is not Teen - but it is a girl person, a rarity at skateparks. We go as soon as dawn breaks so she'll have the place to herself.] You put one foot on the tail of your board and the rest juts out into empty air - in her case, about six to eight feet above the ground. And then you step forward onto your board. You just step out into the air.

Sometimes I think you've got to do that. You step out with a new idea or a new direction or send your book out, not knowing what people will think. You risk taking a bad tumble.

I was thinking about dropping when I was running today. It started to rain - hard - but after a couple of weeks of slogging through my runs, I felt so joyous today. I was the crazy lady with her hair plastered to her head and two black eyes, singing along to Gnarls Barkley.

If you put in enough ordinary days, then sometimes you get an extraordinary one. I believe that if you want to have a great writing day, you also have to put in some days where it's more work than anything else.

While I was running, I saw a lady trying to turn left at a light. Chances came and went, but she was too nervous to put her foot on the gas. Then the light turned yellow. She ended up turning when it was red.

Sometimes you can get so scared you hold yourself back. There are times you've just got to put your foot on the gas and go for the first good opening, not wait for the perfect time.

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