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The view from the Border

In an interview, the CEO of Borders says things like “In the past, our buyers would essentially buy a significant number of all titles in their attempt to have us covered in terms of inventory. But this practice has wrought a broken business model because when these books don’t sell, they are returned…a costly process for the publishers and for us. In my career, I haven’t seen a retail model that operates like this and it needs to change dramatically and fast. Inventory productivity is a HUGE initiative here at Borders. We are very focused on buying smarter to start with and have teamed up with our publisher partners to figure out from the start the right buys at the right level that will actually sell thru at acceptable levels, thereby mitigating the returns.”

[Full disclosure: I think it’s going to be harder world for new authors and midlist authors. I think publishers are going to be afraid to take chances during this economic downturn.]

Read more about what Border’s CEO thinks here.

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