aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Thankful Wednesday

- I'm thankful it's sunny outside. Even though I'm inside. Typing. As fast as I can.

- I'm thankful I get to vote today. At home. And that Oregon is the only state in the nation where all elections are conducted by mail. No excuse for not getting to the polls.

- I'm very, very thankful about a joint project that I'm not going to say very much more about, just that it was the most fun to write ever.

- I'm thankful that I double-checked when tonight's event at Powells is. Um, 6:30, not 7:30 like I thought. Thank goodness I didn't show up an hour late! And I'm thankful it features people like Phil Margolin with Executive Privilege: A Novel, and Chelsea Cain with Sweetheart, and me with Shock Point.

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