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Oregonians rally to support library, freedom of speech

After word got out about a parent who wanted to ban and burn the book Bunny Suicides, Oregonians called the high school library that had had the book the mom refused to return. They offered to buy or donate a copy to replace the one she took.

One guy went even further. "Jon Mathis, a Portland real estate agent and self-professed book lover, was one of the people who contacted the school about donating new copies of the $13 book as needed. After reading about Anderson's attempts to ban it, Mathis said he was so angry that he went to Powell's City of Books on Tuesday morning and bought a copy. He also picked up "Huckleberry Finn," "The Catcher in the Rye" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" for the school. All three books have shown up on banned-book lists in the past. "Are we still burning books? Come on," Mathis said. "It just struck a chord with me." At first, Mathis, 42, planned to mail the books to the school. Then he decided to drive them down to the school. "I'm a Realtor," he said. "I've got a little free time these days."

Yeah Jon!

And the principal said that of the many calls and emails they have received, NOT ONE has supported this mom's decision. She has even said that if the library replaces the copy, she will persuade another student to check it out and then she will take and burn that one.

All for a book of cartoons. Come on!

Read more about the latest developments here.

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