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I had the day off work today, so I met up with Heather Fredericks today, whose book Spy Mice truly is up for the Oregon Book Award. So is Eyes of the Emperor. And that's it. There's one judge, and he/she can pick five, but I guess he/she only liked two. [Full disclosure: I am not at all bitter. Not. At. All.]

Heather's is funny, and for grades 4-6. Eyes is very serious, and for grades 8 and up. It seems like judging cherries and speakerphones, but what do I know? (Actually, what I think they need is two categories, one for YAs, and one for middle grade novels.)

We sat and complained and gossiped about publishing, then settled in at our respective Mac laptops and got to work. My WIP is about a blind girl who is kidnapped and manages to escape. It's called Shadows Walking Backward. The title came from something my kid showed me on a long road at night. The cars coming up behind us threw our shadows, tall and thin, the length of the road. Then as the cars got closer, our shadows came walking back to us, shorter and squatter with each step.

Am I a terrible person that I have the exact same thing happen in the book - only it ends with a car hitting them, and the mother dying and the girl with a head injury that leaves her blind?

Anyway. I'm at the stage now where I've got most of the book written. I don't always write chronologically. Sometimes I'll write parts that fall later on in the book, esp. if I am little bit blocked. Today I was quilting those scraps together. I can see the pattern, and it's beautiful.

Or whatever the right word is for a book that is going to leave you in a cold sweat with your heart in your throat.

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