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Invisible Touch

Invisible Touch is the new book from double-RITA nominee Kelly Perra.

It’s about Kara Martinez who is desperately trying to be "normal" since the accident that took her father's life when she was eleven years old. She's buried the caliente side of her Mexican heritage with her father and tried to be the girl her rigid mother wants her to be. In a twist that all us LiveJournal folks will appreciate, no one knows the real Kara except those who read her anonymous blog, the Sign Seer.

Because Kara has a gift – or perhaps it’s a curse. She sees signs, visions that are clues to a person's fate, if she can put together the pieces of the puzzle in time. So far, she's been able to solve the clues and avert disaster for those she's been warned about -- until she sees the flash of a gun on a fellow classmate, and the stakes are raised higher than ever before.

Teens Read Too has already given the book a Gold Award of Excellence.

I asked, Kelly answered
A. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? Bonus question: have you used it, in any way, in a book?
K. One day outside the grocery store, my son wandered away. I felt sick to my stomach when I realized I couldn't see him. I had trouble breathing. It must have only been a minute until I spotted him again, but it was the longest minute of my life. I've used my fear reactions in my stories but never that incident.

A. Mystery writers often give their characters an unreasoning fear - and then make them face it. Do you have any phobias, like fear of spiders or enclosed spaces?
K. I have a fear of flying. It started after September 11th and I started having nightmares. I live all the way in California but the emotional impact and fear was felt all over the US.

A. Do you have a favorite mystery book, author, or movie?
K. Love the J.D. Robb Death series and the Stephanie Plum novels. I took my first move into writing a mystery novel with Invisible Touch. It was really hard, but very fun to try and weave in the mystery.

A. At its heart, every story is a mystery. It asks why someone acts the way they did - or maybe what will happen next. What question does your book ask?
K. Invisible Touch asks if secrets can be kept... and if fears can be overcome to tell the truth?

A. Is there a mystery in life that you are still trying to figure out?
K. So many, but I think if there was an answer to everything then that would take away a little of the imagination in the world. :)

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