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David Shannon – inspired and inspirational

Back when Teen was Little Kid, we both loved David Shannon’s “No David.” It’s one of the rare books where an author-illustrator succeeds in both areas. Plus it’s funny and true.

Later Little Kid came to me with a book she had copied from the library called “No Grandma.” In it, grandma gets in all kinds of scrapes, just like David. Later she admitted she had created No Grandma. I thought David Shannon would get a kick out of it. He doesn’t have a Web site, so I made a color photocopy and sent it to him care of his publisher. And we got a nice letter back that all her teachers liked to show the kids to talk about where authors get their ideas and how they are actually real people.

If you would like to know more about David Shannon, click here. And if you don’t have No, David!
you’ve got to buy it. It is pitch-perfect.

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