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Resistance is Futile

I subscribe to tons of magazines. Cooking, news, woman's lifestyle [full disclosure: I am the oldest living Glamour subscriber], high-brow stuff like Sun (best magazine ever). By about the time the second magazine in my subscription is shipped, I'm already getting offers for "2 for 1 renewal deals" or notes threatening an interruption in service. Last week I got one wanting me to renew - and my subscription wasn't up until January 2009!

What I hate is when they want you to renew, but they quote you a worse price than is on one of those annoying blown-in cards, or what you could get on Amazon.

I was subscribing to Time, but when it lapsed I wasn't interested in renewing at the price they offered me. I was at a party this weekend, and folks there were talking about how the Internet means they don't subscribe to as many magazines as they used to. [Full disclosure: I think the Internet is changing EVERYTHING, I'm just not sure how.]

I remember probably 30 years ago reading a friend's brother's MAD magazine with a comics panel about magazine renewals. The magazine gets more and more desperate, with someone at the magazine finally agreeing to marry off their beautiful daughter and give the subscriber a house and car just to renew.

It's gotten like that with Time. They have sent me so many letters, first reminding me, then haranguing me, and then begging me. I have an email in my box right now titled "April, we want you back!" and making me, shall we say, an offer I can't refuse.

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