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Vibes by Amy Kathleen Ryan – my vibe says you will like this book

Even though I am really under the gun, I am still squeezing in time to read, because I realized I need to read just like I need to eat and sleep. I just finished Amy Kathleen Ryan’s Vibes. It’s about Kristi, a girl who can hear people’s thoughts – and mostly what she hears are her peers thinking she is fat and gross. To drown them out, she wears headphones and blasts opera. She is lonely; her mom works long hours and her father took off two years earlier.

The writing in this book was so good I was jealous:

Page 154:
“It’s great.” I try not to sound sarcastic, but the harder I try, the more sarcastic I sound. “Really,” I add, so now I sound sarcastic and bitter.

Page 15:
His hair is neon orange, and it’s bushy and very long. He has it crammed into a ponytail, but it looks like any second the rubber ban will explode and his hair will escape to roam the earth, staging military coups and taking high-profile hostages.

The book has a great twist I didn’t see coming, plus it gets bonus points for having a gay character who is happy and isn’t getting hassled. Interestingly, it is written in present-tense, which you are often told is a no-no, but I had no issue with it. And just like the first-person makes you feel part of the story, the present tense lets you know you are right there, in the moment.

I read this book because I wanted to see how another author handled mind-reading (a topic I've been thinking about) – but I ended up getting a lot more than that. PW gave it a starred review and I can see why.

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