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The end of the newspaper?

I like newspapers. I read the Oregonian every morning. I take a friends old New York Times off her hands. As a freelancer, I review books for the Oregonian.

But I wonder if they are dying. So many people I know, including people who love to read books, no longer subscribe. The Christian Science Monitor is going online only. And as Forbes reports, "Yesterday, the Audit Bureau of Circulations released a disastrous bi-annual readership report. Daily circulation dropped another 4.6% among 507 reporting newspapers to roughly 38.2 million copies, for a period of six months ending on Sept. 30. The circulation drop was less pronounced at just 2.6% for the six months preceding it. Just yesterday, the Tribune Co.'s Los Angeles Times announced another 75 editorial cuts in its newsroom. It laid off a group of business employees last week and, in February, laid off some 100 to 150 people, including 40 to 50 in the newsroom."

Read more about CSM's decision here.

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