aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Sometimes it’s just ugly out there

I have a huge pile of books that I might review for the Oregonian. One was accompanied by a press packet put out by a PR company. I hope the author did not pay for this out of his/her own money, because the material was full of typos and other problems. [Full disclosure: I make my own share of typos in this blog and do not claim to be a grammar maven.]

- The word "who's" when it should have been "whose"
- Lists where some bullet points have all the words capitalized, followed by bullet points where only the first word is capitalized.
- Lists where the items were not parallel, ie: to run, reading, to eat, swimming
- Or something like this: “Using dragons, knights, and magical talismans throughout the series, readers of all levels will be fascinated.” The readers aren’t using dragons and knights. The press packet was filled with this kind of awkward phrasing.
- Weird prepositions "He has an opinion of..." "Of?"

I always try to proof anything that gets written for me, like jacket copy or press release.

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