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Bad days, cancer, death

My husband and I were trying to remember the tag line of a Kaiser commercial, something like "I have cancer but cancer doesn't have me." I used to work in health care PR for Kaiser [full disclosure: and when I worked there I was trained to always say Kaiser Permanente], and he is a graphic designer for a different health care company that is working on some cancer ads.

I googled "Kaiser" "commercial" and "I have cancer." I found the exact wording of the commercial. What I also found was a blog from a 25-year-old reporter who had found out she had stage 4 rectal cancer. It was supposed to be an ongoing blog about how she recovered from her cancer, but it didn't turn out that way. Jamie's last post was about a month ago. In it, she talked about how her oncologist had prayed with her while she cried. He told her they had come to the end of the line, and that she would die in the next couple of months, and that he would try to make her comfortable.

25. I'm nearly twice that age. Her boyfriend had asked her to marry him after she was diagnosed, and in her last post, she said they were trying to move up the wedding ceremony so that she could still do it.



The tag lines on her post were "bad days," "cancer," and "death."

I'm going to try to think of Jamie today.

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