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Five things on a Friday

1. Tonight I am going to an "authors-only" party for the Wordstock Festival at Weiden + Kennedy, pretty much the coolest advertising agency ever. Of couse, it's smack in the middle of the cool part of downtown (and not far from Powells). I'm thinking about parking four blocks away on a tucked away street I know that usually has parking spaces on it. My personal goal: to meet Stewart O'Nan. If he shows. Also not to spill food on myself. Or to get drunk. Or even tipsy. Or to "overshare."

2. I feel slightly crazy, I have so many irons in the fire. And each one of them needs to be a priority. Like finishing a book in the next few weeks (see where I am below). And proofing a 320-page book by Dec. 1. And getting the editorial letter for my 2010 release, which should be coming any day now. Oh, and hearing (and presumably doing something about) my agent's thoughts on a new book I wrote with another writer.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
64,398 / 85,000

4. Even though my mom plied me with bacon, icecream, half and half, and full-fat egg nog with rum, I seem to have lost a pound.

5. And on Sunday I'm presenting with Blake Nelson and teaching a class on 47 ways to increase the tension in your book.

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