aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

King me! King me!

Stephen King is like magic. Some examples: He is spotted at a baseball game reading Kate Atkinson’s When Will There be Good News, and the sports commentators comment on it, giving her thousands of dollars worth of free exposure. He writes a book with Stewart O'Nan about baseball, and the NY Times says that one book helped O'Nan, a literary novelist, stay afloat. He picks an unpublished book and touts it (The Memory of Running) setting off a bidding war that gives the author more than two million dollars. And now USA Today reports, “Last year, Stephen King, browsing in a bookstore, noticed novelist Mischa Berlinski's debut, Fieldwork, a murder mystery set in Thailand. King hated the jacket but loved the book; he praised it in Entertainment Weekly Then it became a 2007 National Book Award finalist. Wednesday, Berlinski, 35, was among 10 promising writers awarded $50,000 by the Whiting Foundation. "It's luck, given all the terrific novels that don't get much attention," Berlinski says. "Stephen King, the most famous writer in the world, picked up my book because he didn't like the cover."

Please, Mr. King, please, please, I’m begging you . Notice me.

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