aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Maybe the paper part will die, but the paper itself will live on?

Even a cursory reader of this blog will know that I'm worried about the fate of newspapers. It's purely selfish - I love them.

The BBC reports on a company who has created a plastic “newspaper” that you can download hundreds of newspapers to without worrying about getting ink on your fingers. “The device looks just like a table mat, it's as light as a magazine. But onto it you can download hundreds of newspapers and - at the touch of a button - browse through them quite safely, without elbowing anyone ever again. "It's very robust," says Mr Baker. To prove it he whacks the screen with his fist. Not a scratch. The machine's so tough, because everything, from the screen to the electronics inside, is made of plastic.” It can also display books.

Read – and see – more here.

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