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“The life and death of trees is not your concern” – Seth Godin’s advice for publishers

“The huge opportunity for book publishers is to get unstuck. You're not in the printing business. The life and death of trees is not your concern.”

Seth Godin, guru, was interviewed on the HarperStudio blog. I’m not sure I like all that he has to say (and kind of hope he’s wrong). To wit:

“2) If everything is free, how is anyone going to make any money?

First, the market and the internet don't care if you make money. That's important to say. You have no right to make money from every development in media, and the humility that comes from approaching the market that way matters. … Because generally, when you do something for an audience, they repay you. The Grateful Dead made plenty of money. Tom Peters makes many millions of dollars a year giving speeches, while books are a tiny fraction of that. … Novelists and musicians can make money with bespoke work and appearances and interactions. And you know what? It's entirely likely that many people in the chain WON'T make any money. That's okay. That's the way change works.”

Um, but I want to make money. And not just from “bespoke work and appearances and interactions.” I want to make it from my writing.

Although I will have to say that I did not know for a long time that school visits were usually paid.

Read more here. What do you think?

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