aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Do you think there’s a lesson in this story somewhere?

Two years ago I bought a Columbia Sportswear parka. The first time it rained, I pulled up the hood. It hung stiffly in front of my eyes, in fact, it nearly covered them.

For two years I have been hating that hood. And in Oregon you use a hood a lot. Even when it rains, no native Oregonian carries an umbrella. I tried adjusting these little elastic sliders that could make the hood tighter. It didn't work. I wrote imaginary letters to Columbia. I vowed never to buy another jacket from them.

Last week, walking with my mom, I began complaining about the hood.

She said, “What about this little Velcro tab back here?” Two seconds later, the hood was in the perfect place.

I wonder if there is something else that makes me unhappy that could be fixed so easily?

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