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Wow! I'm in Publisher's Weekly!

Wow! I'm in Publisher's Weekly!

Okay, so it's the online version. And you have to click through to read the whole story. And it might be a story that only interests the people who already attended the event, which was the Publishers Association of the West’s annual conference and trade show.

But still! There's my name, only separated by a few words from Marc Acito's and David Wolman's. David turned out to be drily funny. Marc was more wetly funny, because he has the ability to make you laugh until you cry.

And here's what it said about me: "Henry—a mystery novelist primarily known for her Claire Montrose series and whose young adult novel Torched comes out next year—emphasized that writers must be willing to pursue signings and events on their own, especially as publishers struggle in these tough economic times." In my memory, that wasn't my main point. I thought I talked about how publishes and authors need to partner with each other. Also about blogs.

I'm not sure any of the three of us had any real "answers." We all know that some things must work in promoting an author. And that a lot of things probably don't work. But none of us really know what those things are for sure. Except for luck. And that we don't have control of.

Read more here.

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