aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Crazy, sexy to-do list

These last two months of the year are just crazy.

So far, I've managed to:
- Read three YA books, write reviews, and turn them in to the Oregonian
- Proof manuscript pages for a book that's coming out in April
- Prep and give a class on "Turning up the Tension in Your Manuscript"
- Create and give a Powerpoint at Wordstock Festival
- Prep and speak on a panel about being a "breakout author" [Full disclosure: fingers crossed the whole time that I really am!]
- Hand over a jointly written manuscript to my agent for her opinion
- And last night, I somehow managed to finish pulling together the first third of a book called "The Girl in the Mini Cooper" to send off to my agent. I just sat down to enter a few pieces of info I learned yesterday about cadaver dogs, realized how much of it was ready, and two hours later I was clicking "send" on an email. I would love it if this book became my next published YA thriller, which would mean 2011, I guess. Doesn't that sound too futuristic? Where's my hovercraft? Where's my videophone? Where's my hologram?

But there's one big looming deadline:
- I have a book due Dec. 31, and I haven't even finished writing it yet, let alone fixing it. I set up a whole schedule that worked quite well on paper. Every day I would simply write a chapter! [Full disclosure: I make this mistake all the time with my plans for weight loss or retirement funds, and they never work out in the nice steady way I had planned.] Now I think I'm back to just skipping around in the last few chapters, writing what I can until I run out of steam, and then moving on to the next chapter. Sometimes I can trick myself into writing more that way, because when I'm in a different chapter than the one I planned on writing, it seems like a "treat."

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