aprilhenry (aprilhenry) wrote,

Today is (had better be) the day

In October, I decided that I would finish the book I'm working on by the end of November. My critique partner is going to review it, and they need time. I figured that would give both of us enough time to barely get it in by its due date, which is December 31.

As time went on, I put an asterisk by November 30. Maybe it would slip a day or two into December. Now it's Tuesday, December 2, and if I want to still be on my critique partner's good side, I need to ship it off by Friday.

The only problem? Two chapters that aren't written. The last two chapters. Which in a mystery or thriller means you had better have a dizzying twist or two, an "aha!" moment, a showdown, an explanation, and a few other things. Most of which I don't have right now.

I've been alternating working on the final chapters with reading earlier chapters aloud (such a great way to catch repeated words and awkward phrases). I tell myself that it is a necessary step (and it is), but it's also a distraction.

Yesterday, someone told me that Michael Crichton used to say that pilots don't have the luxury of waking up and deciding whether they wanted to fly. They have to fly the plane where it needs to go.

Today I will be chanting, "Just fly the damn plane!"

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